As a development of many years, we have generated a set of our own quality control system.
From raw materials, precise of molds, production, 100% inspection of finished products, random open carton audit etc.

Only quality inspection is not enough to create a perfect product, we also established our own center labs to test for important specifications. Such as impact test for eyelets, wash and durable test for heat transfer, salt and corrosion test for metal buttons, hanging test for snap buttons, fire resistance test for woven labels… and so on 
We have good cooperation with SGS test institution, CTI test bureau, for some chemical test, such as ecofriendly test, skin no harm test, lead free, nickel free test, we send items to their labs once a week to keep test result being long effective to customers. 
Our Quality Inspection System 
We start inspection at the very beginning, from raw materials to final packing, we monitor the status steps by steps,