Disposable paper cup printed single wall paper cup


Single wall paper cup Features


1.Disposable, bio-degradable, recyclable, recycled materials.


2.Delicate design, common size, high quality, reasonable price.


3.Good sales, mainly sold to Southeast Asia, European and America, Oceania markets.


4.Flexo printing and offset printing, Custom printed by 1-4 colors flexo or offset printer.


5.OEM orders and customer-made artworks are welcome.



Dimension of Paper Cup size paper gram Packing
3oz Single wall paper cup 59*40*61mm 180gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag  2000pcs/ctn
4oz Single wall paper cup 62*46*62mm 210gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 2000pcs/ctn
6.5oz Single wall paper cup 70*51*74mm 230gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
7oz Single wall paper cup 74*52*78mm 230gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
8oz Single wall paper cup 76*53*90mm 280gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
9oz Single wall paper cup 80*57*90mm 280gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
12oz Single wall paper cup (short) 89*60*112mm 320gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
12oz Single wall paper cup (high) 80.5*51*118mm 280gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
16oz Single wall paper cup  89*57*135mm 320gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
20oz Single wall paper cup 89*60*160mm 320gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
22oz Single wall paper cup 90*61*171mm 320gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn
24oz Single wall paper cup 90*60*180mm 320gsm+18gPE 50psc/bag 1000pcs/ctn